Mark Santoro for Cupertino City Council

Welcome to My Website!

Hi, I'm Mark Santoro and I am running for City Council in the City of Cupertino.


Why Am I Running?

As your Mayor and council member, residents often asked my advice on who they should vote for.  My answer, watch a City Council meeting!  You will quickly learn who does their homework, and who really works for the people of Cupertino.

To ensure I work only for the people, I do not accept endorsements, so I don’t owe any favors to anyone.  And I don’t take money from developers, or large companies.

Last election I promised to work on several problems in Cupertino including: Slowing condo developments, Extending library hours, Addressing traffic congestion around our excellent schools, and Fixing our roads. As your Mayor and Council member I dramatically slow condo development, and extended library hours. While programs like WOW (Walk One Week), and additional crossing guards have improved school traffic, there’s still much to be done.  So as mayor I started meetings with the school boards to get their help in further reducing school traffic.  As for the roads, to repair previous neglect, this year’s road repair budget is 10X what it was when I first took office.

I worked hard for the residents who requested a new Santana Row like downtown, and Main Street is now being built.  I also put a lot of time into Apple 2 which is now under construction.  Not only did we keep Apple, but Cupertino received some much needed funds to the tune of over $30 million dollars with more to come in the future.

Since I was first elected, surveys have shown that Cupertino residents satisfaction with the city has gone up an amazing 17%.  I think a big reasons for this is more transparency in what the city does.  Elected officials need to remember they are servants of the people and not the other way around. Government should be open and transparent.  As your Mayor and Council member, I’ve worked hard for the people of Cupertino.

If you re-elect me I pledge to continue to work “for the people.”

Cupertino is a great place to live. Together I think we can make it even better. To do that I would like to know what you think. Please send email to and tell me what YOU think should be done to improve our city.

Download the flyer Mark Santoro for Cupertino City Council.

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Last Modified: Sun Oct 12 2014