Mark Santoro for Cupertino City Council

Mark Santoro Ballot Statement

While Mayor, people often asked me how they should vote. Watch a Council meeting! You will quickly learn who does their homework, and who works for the people

To ensure I work only for the people, I don’t accept endorsements so I don’t owe any “favors,” and I don’t take money from contractors, or large companies.

Last election I promised to: 1) Slow condo developments, 2) Address residents’ concerns with the 2nd floor ratio, 3) Extend library hours, 4) Address traffic congestion around our excellent schools, and 5) Fix our roads.

As your Mayor and Council member the first three have been achieved. While programs like WOW (Walk One Week), and additional crossing guards have improved school traffic, there’s still much to be done. To repair previous neglect, this year’s road repair budget is 10X what it was when I first took office.

Elected officials need to remember they are servants of the people and not the other way around. Government should be open and transparent. As your Mayor and Council member, I worked hard for the people of Cupertino. If you re-elect me I pledge to continue to work “for the people.”

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Last Modified: Sun Oct 12 2014